Willy's story #1

Willy is my faithful 'donkey' friend and travelling companion in Greece. We met 4 years ago in Rethymno where he resides in Crete. I often ask foreign residents abroad how they chose their new spiritual home or whether that place chose them. What was their story, journey or destiny?  How did they get to where they are today? As in the case of my dear friend Willy, his story happened with 2 epiphanies and ended up with him moving permanently from Flemish Belgium 5 years ago to Crete.

Willy was married for 15 years to his ex-wife Christina living in the beautiful city of Bruges. Christina had been married before and so Willy's sensitive stepson had the biblical name of Aaron. Christina made a living out of reading the cards, psychic readings, performing Cartomancy and The Tarot with expertise telling peoples' fortunes. Her other passion was Numerology and, like Madonna, was deeply involved in the Kabbala and the Tree of Life. 

In April 1981 the Grasse area, famous for perfume and fragrant flowers, had had no rain for 3 months, it was dangerously arid and even forest fires raged from time to time. Willy and 6 year old Aaron were staying at a village in the region and overheard people talking about this rain drama on the local bus in Grasse.

They both went for a walk in the countryside leaving Christina behind because she was not feeling so well. On the walk Aaron picked up a stick as boys do. For no special reason he climbed up on a rock with his newly found stick and began banging it on the rock wishing, out loud so Willy could hear, that he wanted what was supposed to happen to happen! He clambered down from the rock and they continued their walk in silence.

Back in Grasse, suddenly Aaron grabbed hold of Willy's hand firmly for no reason and seemed to be afraid. Then Willy had an epiphany having a vision they were surrounded by medieval knights on black horses wearing helmets and shining armour. This vision lasted about a full minute but Willy could hear the pounding hooves of the horses and was frightened that they could be knocked down by the horses. As quickly as they emerged, they were gone and Aaron let go of his hand. They didn't speak about this event but continued walking in silence.  Then suddenly the heavens opened and it started to rain cats and dogs out of the blue.

Little Aaron's wish had come true!

Written on the Easyjet flight from Rhodes to London on 28/4/17.
Story dictated by Willy himself in Rhodes. To be read in conjunction with #2.


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