October 12, 2018

Due to reader demand here is the complete conversation with Jilliana

"Tipped off to my Sunday Salons by an article that appeared several years ago in EasyJet's inflight magazine several years ago, Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, memoirist, life writer, vlogger, broadcaster, poet, storyteller and Spoken Word performer joined me at Le Flore and stayed in touch over the past years.

She has a passion for people and conversation and those attributes are on display in these conversations and at her You Tube channel that is home to over 400 examples of her interviewing style.

She currently lives in Brighton but has a 25 year connection to Paris and was back in town for brief visit. I was delighted to be chosen to sit down  with her for this effortless discussion."  

Terence Gelenter