Tomorrow's Now

We live in chaotic times
Living for the moment
For tomorrow we could be dead
Blown to pieces
Being in the right place at
The wrong moment
Death is at our door
Lurking, surprising us
"Any bombs today?" I ask
Strangers, neighbours
A special bonding between persons
Known and unknown
Like during the war
A war I did not live through
I was born too late
But we ARE at war
An intangible war
A hidden Enemy with
Cells world wide
An Enemy too clever for the West's
Military, politicians and Intelligence
A game of cat and mouse
And the mouse is winning
Despite what
Tomorrow's papers may say
We await tomorrow's
Headline News,
Printed, visual, audio and verbal word
Terror and carnage is constantly
On our minds
Will we be alive tomorrow?
Live for Now and Tomorrow's Now
The best philosophy
Be here Now
There is no tomorrow.

 27/7/05 Carleon - Univeristy of Newport Campus Writing Seminar - Wales Jilliana Ranicar-Breese