The spirit of all sounds

I am moved by the sound of the sea
The tides moving in and out of the shoreline
Waves crashing against rocks
The sound of seagulls

The sound of water
A running gurgling stream
The movement of water over rocks

Crashing cascades
The roar of Iguasu
Witnessed from both sides decades ago
Brazil and Argentina
Now a fond memory

I am moved by the sound of birds
Tweeting or warbling
In a garden
In a park
In an aviary
Out of sight
High up on trees

I love to watch tropical brightly coloured birds
Attracting attention
More fond memories
Of exotic locations in my past

I am moved by the sound of rhythm
The batucada of Salvador da Bahia
Gypsy Andalusian hand clapping
In synchronised precise timing with
North African overtones
The blending of musical fusion
The blending of world cultures
I am moved by exotic world music

I am moved to tears by a young Dutch ‘angel’
Hitting the high notes in an aria
The three tenors
A melodic violin concerto
A romantic piano concerto
Memories of my childhood

The beat of the Bossa Nova
The plaintive sound of Piazzola’s New Tango
The romantic Cuban ‘Feelin’ Bolero
The wail of the passionate gypsies

I can not imagine complete silence
It must be torture
Solitary confinement
Without sound
Without touch

Written in a Sufi writing workshop, Brighton 13 July 2019.

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