There is a buzz in the air

There is a buzz in the air, you see her here, 

You see her there , you see her almost everywhere. 

Her smile, her hat, her clothes, 

She makes you stand and stare. 

She wears colourful clothes 

From head to toe. 

Eastern style, bright and eye catching, 

When she is about, everyone will know. 

She loves to organise, put on a good show. 

When I tell you her name, that will relieve your strain. 

It is Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, seen once, you will not forget. 

She speaks many languages and travels far and wide. 

Has written stories, poetry, many fine vignettes. 

She runs a radio room, there is more beside, 

She is a hostess and presenter of any type of event. 

She adds panache and style which few can do. 

Yes, Jilliana has many a worthwhile talent. 

Forget her age, she becomes young again when she represents you. 

Brighton is blessed with the wisdom of an entertaining star, 

Who knows how to make you happy in many a way, 

Given the support she deserves she will go far, 

Her talents making it for Brighton a great day. 

Her Joie de vivre, her smile, will make you feel simply grand.

Terry Godwin The Laughing Poet

An Admirer

Terry Godwin