The Flight of The Sultana

Leaving her stable life
Embarking on a new adventure
Making copious ‘To do’ notes on shocking pink pieces of paper
Gliding in space

In transit from 2019 to 2020
No phone
No WiFi
No IPad
Time to think
Time to reflect
A good year
At times challenging
But overcome

Up in the air
Hurtling towards Granada Sunshine
Bright light
Another language
Surrounded by clouds
But no angels
To greet her in their realm
In the spirit of Christmas

Forever superstitious
Protected by the Eye
Placed in her red and black shoulder bag
Large red travel bag
Small floral suitcase
Large floral suitcase
Her life in her luggage

Outside the box
70 days of excitement and culture
An escape into the unknown
Visual treats and tasty experiences
Up and away

Onwards to the next adventure
A special birthday to celebrate
The flight of the Sultana into 2020

Written on the Easyjet flight to Granada on 17 December 2019.