The End and a New Beginning

A pivotal year
Her magical husband announced
He no longer loved her
Had broken the fidelity bond
Had fallen in ‘love’ with another
A trickster no less
A loan never repaid

25 years of marital life
Unaware of her ways
Her restricted behaviour
Her Style
Her domination
Her taste
Her selfishness
Her strong personality

A reign of revenge
A reign of destruction
A reign of harassment
A reign of manipulation
A reign of mental abuse

Time to destroy
Time to steal the tangible and intangible
Time to relish human destruction
Time to gloat at his masterpiece
A wreck with no identity
Time for the puppet master to pull the strings

The end of the collaboration
The end of the long friendship
The end of the trust
The end of the bond
The end of respect
The magic cord cut forever

Drugs drink sex and rock and roll
Sexual freedom
Financial freedom

A human carcass
The remains of the day
The gradual realisation
The clouded mind became clear
Tears of shame
When the drink and drugs ended

A new life for him
Chinese prostitutes supplied by Coco
An amore in Beijing
An amore in Chiang Mai
A Thai bride now a widow
But fate intercepted
Aggressive Leukaemia
Death within a year

A new life for her
A new abode
A new voice
A new ‘look’
A new beginning
New interests
New friends
New opportunities
New journeys
New roads
New ventures
A new strength from the ashes of destruction
Positivity out of negativity

The Phoenix flew once again
Not scorned
Letting go
Going from strength to strength
Soaring from the past into the present
With a mission

The end of the magical illusion
The magic went out of the magic

Written at home in Brighton on 10 August 2019.