The Colour Blue

Having been an vintage collectables dealer, I have seen lots of objects that have spoken to me. Easy I just bought and hoarded them at home if I felt like it. I became Miss Haversham in London without Great Expectations! 

However, one weekend I attended a spiritual workshop in London at the Psychic Society in Belgravia led by the lovely author and writing facilitator Allegra Taylor. I had taken a writing course with her before in Spain so I knew I was in for a treat.

Allegra had a good imagination. She produced a basket of stones, rocks and minerals and asked us to choose one of them. We would have to hold the chosen object and feel it with our eyes closed and then write down what the feelings evoked.  

The electric blue mineral spoke to me. "Take me" it cried out. I did, closed my eyes rubbing it and drifted away to the Greek Islands, visualising the stunning clear blue skies and the warmth of the sun on my skin contrasted against the gleaming white architecture. Blue and white - the colours of Greece. I choked on my tears. How I longed to be there instead of dreary, dark London. "Time to share" announced Allegra, looking knowingly at me and smiling. "Let's hear from you Jilliana". I brushed back my tears astonished at how a blue mineral could create such an emotional reaction, and shared my writing with the group of strangers. Others read their pieces but I was not interested. I was thinking of Greece and my pecular reaction.

Time to put the objects back into the basket. Out of sight, out of mind they say but not for me. Here was an object I couldn't buy with money. It belonged to another. It was not mine. I couldn't possess it at any cost. I had to let it go and I did.

At the end of the workshop I lingered to help Allegra put cushions away as we had been sitting on the floor and her books too as she was quite a prolific author.  I said goodbye with a long face. "Wait a minute" she said and plucked the chosen blue object placing it in the palm of my hand. "In memory of our meeting again" .she said.  I burst into tears yet again. I couldn't believe it was mine to treasure. The best meaningful things in life are free! 

I contacted Allegra in 2013  to find out what she was up to, only to find out she is no longer facilitating writing workshops but is giving sermons at ecological funerals in the UK. Gone are her flowing red locks. Today she has another more serious appearance with short grey hair. We promised to meet one fine day in either Blackheath or Brighton. I am sure her funeral speeches are moving and profound but I plan to be cremated with my ashes strewn in Chania, Crete into the blue of the seas. 

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, Brighton UK author and broadcaster of Jilliana's Vignettes updated May 2014