The call for prayer

The focal point of Muslim life
The dazzling white mosque
Standing proud and majestic
Against the cloudless blue sky

Magnificent architectural splendour
 Viewed throughout Kalkan
It is seen
It is ‘heard’
It is photographed
It is admired

The Imam wails to his people
His devout flock
The obligatory commanding call for prayer
Facing Mecca

It matters not if it is dawn, noon, 5.0’clock or eve
His penetrating wailing cannot be escaped
His throbbing amplifying voice
Reverberates throughout the town

Escape is impossible
There is nowhere to hide
The ever watchful Nazar ‘sees’ your soul

The powerful Nazar blue, abounds and protects
Blue and white contrast
Tradition and religion reign supreme

The dominant sparkling white mosque
The focal point of devoted Muslim life
Forever and Ever

Written at 5.02 pm in the Casa Margot hotel, Fethiye hearing the Imam calling his people but reminiscing about the majestic Kalkan mosque echoing sound  I have left behind today. 27.6.18.