The Blue of Chefchouen

Number One on my Bucket List
My promised dream destination
After seeing photographs of
The inspirational Blue

The spiritual Blue
The calming Blue
The cleansing Blue
The enrobing Blue
Surrounding my soul

Brought by the Jews in 1492
The beginning of the diaspora
Centuries ago
Long gone to The Promised Land
But their spirit lingers
In the Blue of The Mellah

So much choice in The Blue
In the Medina or its surrounds

Randomly I choose a Dar
Blue and artistic
It beckons in cyberspace
The photographs attract me
To click the button

My Dar is in The Mellah
Synchronicity in Cyberspace

The enticing Blue
Envelopes my soul
Not my hidden Sephardic roots
But my quest for knowledge
My hidden identity

The Blue awakens me
Silently lures me
Into the Rif mountains
Into the pure fresh air
Into peace
Far away from Islamophobia
Far away from terrorism

The Iman wails
Five times daily
The call for prayer

I will return to The Blue

Written in Chefchouen, Morocco on 14 May 2019.