The Sultana sat on her tasselled rich burgundy velour cushioned chair. It was a silent evening except for the usual November fireworks on the 5th, Guy Fawkes bonfire evening in her private park in Brighton.

The Sultana glanced at the darkness of the night outside framed in the old stripped pine shuttered sash windows of her living room. A Nazar suspended from each window lock for added protection.

Neko, her beautiful chunky black and white cat, was on his hind legs scratching the window, saying in Miao-ology, it was time to come in for the night to escape the bangs outside.

The Sultana slowly rose from her desk and put on the chanson cd she had just been presented with by her French radio guest the day before, signed to her with gratitude. The plaintive throaty music made her think of Paris and how she had evolved since first living there in the late 70s. Who she was then and who she was today: The Queen, Rani, Malika, Sultana!

She had created by accident a 'Sultana' style and was pleased that her 'look' had been noted and accepted in London by those ladies who had created 'Advanced style' and 'Wearing WellBeing' the psychology of fashion and happiness. She had become through Happenstance, an international Fashionista and created a new exciting and interesting life for herself.

Christmas would be coming soon. Time when she was in residence for a couple of months to invite friends and creative colleagues for discussions, interviews, the art of conversation, soirées, salons and poetry with music in her warm high ceilinged flat. Time to light the red candles and be hospitable in her atmospheric home.

She remembered a time when she had lost her beautiful home after the betrayal of her husband and dissolution of their 23 years of marriage. The Sultana had lost half of her possessions, her chattels, and 4 'lost' years in breakdown but eventually turned all the negativity into positivity. She was a survivor and proud of her achievements. The Phoenix had risen from the debris of her former life and resurrected herself into another Being!

She had that very morning received 2 separate emails from important Fashionistas in London with positive feedback on her first fashion article entitled 'Sultana's Journey'.

Yes, the Sultana was on her way with a mission to strive for greater things in life and inspire other women struggling to reach the light at the end of the dark tunnel!

Written in Linda McVeigh's writing workshop on setting on 4.11.17, Brighton.
To be read in conjunction with 'Sultana's Journey'.