The enticing Mediterranean or Aegian sea
The sound of water lapping against the rocks
The colourful fishing boats.
The Greek island ferries coming and going
The memorable orange glowing sunsets

On the sands of time
Looking out at the endless horizon
A lighthouse, like the old one in Chania
Once my spiritual home

Cruise ships come and go gracefully
The lure of travel beckons

I cannot live without a seascape
Without the sound of crashing waves
Without the cacophony of gulls
I am afraid to swim in the sea
It is visual and auditory 

I live in Brighton
London by the sea
A mere 20 minute walk away from horizons stretching to infinity

I wait patiently to roam further afield
The wunderlust of travel
Other seas
Other oceans

By the sea
Time to reflect

My thoughts are whirling
I can go where I please
Like the gulls in flight
I too am in flight

Behold Icarus!

Written at 80th anniversary of West Sussex Writers workshop with Stephanie Norgate on 29/7/17. 

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