Rome-Parioli 1967

The first time I saw pornographic photos was in Parioli, an elegant northern suburb of the Eternal City! I had met an airline steward called Sergio Chiotti in an English owned antique shop on the Via del Babuino. All I recall at the innocent age of 23, is he asked me out for dinner in his neighbourhood and, after the desserts, he wanted no doubt his 'just desserts' whisking me away to his bachelor lair!

His studio, in a prestigious apartment block, was very small. An intimate square modern living room in good taste with a partition hiding the double bed covered with a sumptuous silk sensual purple cover from exotic far away lands.

Sergio, who seemed pressed for time because of an imminent night flight departure, told me of his numerous conquests in those days of promiscuous airline hostesses and randy cabin stewards in the skies above.

I wandered into the bathroom and noticed an electric toothbrush with two detachable heads. Placed next to it was a glass bottle in the shape of a lion with metal rings, like earrings, in its ears on the glass shelf above the basin. Sergio noticed I had noticed. He then confessed that he used the toothbrush as a vibrator on his conquests using, fortunately, the second head for brushing his teeth! Could he try it out on my mount Venus? Well, I recall a Cinecitta starlet in a cafe on the Piazza del Popolo telling me to experience everything at least once. It was a learning curve so yes I tried but refused the lion's head for another erotic experience a la Fatty Arbuckle!

Sergio was getting aroused with his new 'student' interested in his erotic tuition learnt in far away exotic destinations. Next out came albums of black and white commercial photos of oriental girls 'doing it' in twos and threes plus simulated lesbian photos too. I was fascinated, as coming from provincial Liverpool and Manchester, these daring photos were not around. Not that I was looking for them, mind you! Then he showed me the Scandinavian collection in saunas with sticks. Ouch! Finally the piece de resistance: American S&M Bettie Page!

Next a romp on his exotic bed cover rather than inside it as his valuable 'teaching' time was limited. Fumicino airport was calling him with an Alitalia plane waiting in the wings to fly away with attractive Italian air hostesses willing to serve!

I never saw Sergio Chiotti again but will always remember those black and white photographs imprinted on the screen of my mind, frozen in time, his name, his swarthy handsome face with slick black hair and, bien sur, that 'educational' Parioli evening.

Written at Rhodes airport 28/4/17.


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