Painting Pictures with Words

The passion of travel
To penetrate local life and culture
To photograph
To video
Textures and colours
Faces and places

To hear music
Past and present
The soul and heartbeat
Of the people

To touch the fabrics
The textures
Marvel at the colour combinations
The quality
Modern style
Traditional style
It matters not
A rich visual experience

To slowly savour
Local cuisine
A feast for the eyes
The smell of pungent aromas
The spices
The herbs
The flowers
Not the people!

To wander and wonder
The weekly markets
The heart of local life
The frantic cries of sellers
The array of contrasting colours
Vegetables and spices
Clothes lying or hanging
The sound of life
In full swing

Bargains galore
To haggle
In different languages
Sign language
Body language
The world over
Erasing language barriers
Over a mint tea or coffee
Money money money

To interview or not
People from diverse cultures
Different professions
Walks of life
Shop keepers
Artists and writers

Everyone has a story
Me too!

Written in the Rif Kebdani restaurant, Tangier, Morocco on 10.1.20