Ode to the Psychic Poet of Petworth

New shiny black cap
New shiny black trousers
But why asked I?
No ironing required was his odd reply

New transparent tight black square designed shirt
But why asked I?
To be different
To have a new image was his reply

A new black leather cycle jacket
To complete the look
To shock the Middle England residents of Petworth perchance?
To make them smile perchance?
To be or not to be different?
It takes courage to be and look different
I know
It takes one to know one!

A psychic Being
A palmist
A historian
A man of many qualities and hidden talents

Scottish traveller heritage
Historic framed prints of gypsies abound within his reclusive nest
Surrounded by his memories photographs and spirits from his past lives and 3 wives

Poetry from his last love from beyond
Controlling his hand
Her channelled words on paper
A stream of consciousness from another realm
Still together through the power of inspirational words

Treasured objects in organised clutter
Chairs abound
A large crystal ball perched on a decorative stand
Cards on the table to be read
Miniature houses displayed in a large showcase
Books and books and books
Gypsy caravans placed on a side table
Cats and owls carefully placed indoors and outdoors
Faux flowers in vases collecting dust
Spiritual Bristol Blue

A mouse says good morning or good night
Part of the silent family
The silence of the night broken by the click of the laptop keys transcribing her wise words from beyond
The psychic poet still in black beavers away
Until he will join her once more in the bright light

Written at home in Brighton after a visit to Petworth, 13 August 2019.