Ode to Jilliana

You are dressed to kill
But would you kill to dress?

Oh not at all
I see beneath
A gentle soul
With stories
And ongoing adventures
And tales

You kill those worries
And turn them
With planning ahead
Or so you said

You would like to know
Where next you'll go
It's your travelling spirit
Full speed ahead

With colourful turbans
Decorating your head
The streets for you
Are fashion shows, walkways,
And you are being
There on full display
Spreading your colour schemes
And rainbow array

Passers by enjoy
Your sight
You are captured in
Their photo album
An unexpected
Event in their plight

You are unique
And always ready
With a smile
Hopeful attitudes
With great style

Ashkaa Ruth
Frantziska Goldfeld
30.12.17 Brighton