Ode to ScouseLandia

Alpha Birds
Strength and survival through thick and thin
That’s what Alpha Liver Birds are made of
It matters not what district or class we are from
The Pool is the Pool
Bonded forever.

At its peak of fame in the 60s
The Beatnik Era
The Crac
The Jack
The Phil
The Blue Angel
Hope Hall now the Everyman
Life pre-Beatles
Jam butties and
Fish ‘n’ chips
Liverpool and Everton

Our John
Our Paul
Our George
Our Ringo
Our musical history

The Beat poets
Now in literature
emblazoned for ever

The Scaffold
Lily The Pink
Our Cilla
Our Glenda
Our Ken
Our special brand of humour

Upper Parly Street
Paddy’s market
China Town
Penny Lane
The dominant Liver building
The Albert Docks
Let us not forget
The Ferry across the Mersey
Escorted by seagulls
Over the water

This is Merseyside
City of 2 Cathedrals
Art and culture
The significant Maritime Museum
The unique Slave Museum
Dante and Beatrice meeting on the bridge
Rossetti and Burne-Jones at The Walker

United we stand in
Viva the Liver Birds
Thank U very very much!

Written in Paris House, Hove on 25.11.19

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