If I was not myself, I would be someone else

If I was not myself, I would be someone else
In my twilight years, I am happy being who I am
In fact, there are others who would like to be like Me!

I am completely myself now
No husband to criticise my behaviour!

I am a creative individual
I am like Marmite
Love me or don't
I don't care and never have
I am a magnet for individuals who 'recognise' me
It takes one to know one

I have new talents that I am discovering and exploring
I have no Mentor
I have become the Mentor

If I want something, I get it
'If you don't ask, you don't get!'
Has always been my motto

I am a survivor
I am self confident
I am positive
I let go of all the negativity in my life
I experienced 4 'lost years' in breakdown
And I am making up for lost time

Writing kept me going
Writing is healing
Words are empowering

I found my voice on the radio
And I have a voice!
I am heard

I have stories and tell them on the radio
I am a storyteller and always have been
 Now people listen

I am an interviewer and always have been
Now people listen and talk

I do not want to be someone else
I celebrate who I am
I am unique
I am Me

Written in The Open Art Cafe, Rottingdean on 6/7/17.
Inspired by Jackie Kay's poetry book 'Off colour'

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