Never judge a book by it's cover - #1

Barbara and I sat outside the travel agency on the Greek island of Naxos during the Crisis of June 2014 when all the banks were closed. We had arranged to meet on the convenient bench outside the bureau before dinner.  

Somehow she got carried away and decided to take me into her confidence showing some of her intimate photos on her iPhone. However, these were not holiday snaps. Oh no! They were photos of Barbara's vagina and anus with brightly coloured sex toys and balls stuffed into them!

Why oh why are people compelled to open up to me? How did I get into this situation with a pleasant Italian woman who had become a Scottish resident and was a member of a hush hush sex group near Edinburgh?

The day before had started innocently enough. I had taken a coach tour from the port of Naxos around the island with a stop for lunch. Because of the crisis and not so many tourists, the coach was almost empty. However, once on the coach I found myself sitting next to friendly Barbara and discovered she was from Milan. We chatted in Italian initially but after an hour, her English was so good that we switched to English. Conversation was conventional until lunch time. Then she told me she was in lust with her new partner who had moved into her house. Out of the blue she told me she loved erotic sex with him and began to recount some of his techniques that turned her on. 

I usually ask people to relate their love not lust stories; how they met and all that jazz. A normal innocent question so it seemed but her answer intrigued me. They had met in a closed online S & M group.  Barbara confessed she had a high libido and was into very erotic sex. I wanted to know more. How she had got to that kinky level and what she enjoyed the most. She explained she had been 'prepared' by her Master in Milan. It was sex online and had taken two years to be 'ready' for the onslaught! I gather she never met her Master in the flesh.

Thus she joined an online group and even gave me the website but it is misplaced in one of my various Greek notebooks and certainly not with me two years later in Cyprus! Needless to say I did not look it up but took it perhaps to give to another sex maniac like Barbara. Through the group's forum and videos, she joined her local Scottish sex group and described to me some of their intimate and intricate carrying and banging ons.  

She confided she loved to be taken from behind and at the same time having the man pull her hair so that it hurt. Odd because she had short brown hair. She loved to be suspended helpless from the ceiling with Japanese bondage known as Kinbaku-bi or Shinbari.  A special sexual way of being bound up with hemp for 'tight bondage' while she showed me photos of the art.  I tried hard to imagine the techniques used to satisfy her lust but was not enlightened. My imagination did not stretch that far!

This was our conversation on the return journey after lunch. I had not yet had the pleasure of seeing her explicit photos.  We agreed to meet for dinner on her last night on the bench outside the main travel agent.

She invited me to stay should I visit the annual August Edinburgh Festival and meet her lover. Was she thinking of Ménage a Trois I wonder or was she just being hospitable?

 I was never to find out. We befriended each other on Facebook and Whatsapp. I wrote to say Buon Viaggio and heard back in a jingle chatty way. Later, I saw on my newsfeed she had got a new administrative job in Edinburgh. Her photograph showed a prim be speckled short haired 'mousy' woman staring out at her Facebook friends.  I sent her a congratulations message on Whatsapp saying I'd see her one day in Scotland on the 12th of Never. I got no reply and two years later have not heard from her. Perhaps she has blocked me because she told me too much and regretted it!

I could not believe by looking at this plain 'mousy' conventional woman that she would be mad for kinky group sex. Still waters run deep it is said. So, beyond the heather in the wilds of Scotland, lurks lust in the heat of the dark stormy nights. 

Never judge a book by its cover! 

Written in the Curium Palace Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus on 14/1/17. 


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