More is more

"More is more - abundance is the key" - from  Catherine Smith's long narrative entitled 'The New Cockaigne' 

Less is not more
More is more
Abundance is the key

I am abundant
I changed from being 'careful' to being generous

'Be generous' said my late husband
I wasn't before my 'lost years'
I give unconditionally
I don't need any more than I already have
And I have a lot.

I have excess
Food galore
Friends galore
Jewels galore
Clothes galore
Headwear galore
Shoes galore.

I need very little
I need Me-time
I need good health
I need genuine friends

I do not need wealth
Quality not quantity

The key to life
Sincere friendship

More is more

Life narrative poem written in the poetry group at the Open Art Cafe, Rottingdean 6.9.17.