Diva the Diver

Mornings at 8.00 am
High up atop the latticed wooden fence
Surrounded by watchful eyes and hands
Nazar and Hamsa
Hand in hand

Watching and waiting
To dive
To swoop
To steal
Neko’s jelly chunks

Diva the Diver
With his piercing seagull eyes
Watches the content of the Japanese blue china plate below

Moving his neck from left to right incessantly
The daily food almost gone
He flutters down to the blue metal table
Watching and waiting
Nearer to pounce

Neko feels Diva’s eye piercing his little soul
Moving away in fear
The coast is clear
Diva the Diver pushes the plate with his beak and gobbles

I tap on the kitchen window pane
The thief flies away to the pathway gate to perch
High up he watches and waits
It’s the daily game

Back he flies
Swooping onto the ground
No Neko in sight
An almost empty plate
Until 8.00 tomorrow
The game will replay

Written in at home in Brighton 20 July 2019.


Neko is Japanese for cat.
Nazar is the protection amulet and the Turkish word for the ‘evil eye’
Hamsa is the hand of Fatima for protection throughout the Middle East