Devils and Demons

Magic and Demons
Magic and Devils
Go hand in hand
Illustrated in large colourful vintage American conjuring posters
Thurston the magician
Red Devils
Red Demons
Whispering evil in the magician’s ear

Magical Martin at 69
Loyal and honest husband and father
Succumbed to the evil voices that
Clouded his mind
Between right and wrong

2 intense years
The mixture of copious red wine
With home harvested marijuana
Darkened his soul

The Devils urged him whispering
“Leave your wife”
“Take as much of her money as you can”
“Steal and sell her precious antiques and jewellery”
“Be unfaithful, break the fidelity bond”
“The Cuban maid and Chinese prostitutes are waiting”
“Do everything you have never dared to do”
“You are in your twilight years, lust it to the full”
“Sell her material possessions and pocket the money”
“Keep the joint rent, she will never know”
“Leave her, 25 years is long enough”
“Unchain yourself, be free”
“Walk into the sunset”

“Harass her, shout in her face, demand money”
“Send abusive emails and letters through her front door”
“She will collapse like a pack of cards”
“ No more will she be top dog but go barking mad”
“Photograph her in her mental agony and laugh in her face”
“Put her away in The Priory at her expense”
“Put her in a home, any home, out of the way”
“Crucify her, she deserves what she gets”

Thus spoke the Devils and Demons
Magical Martin listened and obeyed
With devastating consequences

4 “lost years”
Mental abuse
Costly divorce
Panic attacks
No Voice
No Identity

His sudden death
Rebirth and freedom
Self esteem renewed
Courage and renewed confidence

The magic went out of magic
Martin vanished on a magic carpet to heaven or hell
Devils and Demons banished
Forever and ever

Written for a poetry group in Brighton 28.7.18 to be accompanied by 2 magic Thurston posters as a visual aid.