Clementines and tulips

Orange and red
Colours of warmth
Colours of friendship
On a grey autumn chilly day

Clementines to be peeled

Classical music playing
Engulfing my soul
Each fruit to be savoured
Like a memory

The proud gifted tulips
Placed in an exotic glass
Bejewelled turquoise vase
Reigning supreme
Atop an Edwardian whatnot

Evocative music
Trumpets and oboes
Penetrate the silence
Building to a crescendo

The candles flicker
Night approaches
Darkness falls
The clementines wait patiently
To be devoured in the morn

Clementines and tulips
A thoughtful sincere gesture
On that Sun-day
A memorable day

Written at home in Brighton for Linsey on 1 December 2019, the first day of Advent

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