A Bull in Goa

I recall a long tiring walk one balmy early evening along hard terracotta sand with my hostess Val and her artist and singer friend Manfred from Berlin. We observed two large brown sacred bulls charging at each other right there on the beach! Stopping in our tracks, we marvelled and watched animal life. The dominant bull eyed Moi! A close encounter on the shore while I paddled in the cool inviting water. It was a glowing reddish sunset and far, far away from the chaotic reality of Goa, India.

We continued walking but I did not look back. My feet were dragging. I was exhausted having spent all day at the exciting Anjuna market by the beach. Suddenly Manfred cried out that the bull was charging towards me. Moving fast, he urged me to walk faster and faster. It was stressful after what had been an enchanting peaceful moment. He grabbed my arm and dragged my heavy overweight body to safety. Finally after a long breathless moment, I was out of danger. The tide was in and by now there was a full moon above. The seascape shimmered and life was enchanting again.

I looked back, like Lots wife, and saw the bull standing motionless far away but still eying me, his potential victim. Thanks to Manfred's quick reaction and concern, he had pulled me away from the imminent danger. I was saved. Val, on the other hand, deaf and oblivious to the incident, was way ahead marching on with a mission to her chosen restaurant on the beach while I limped on to join her with my German saviour.

Who would have thought a walk on a moonlit beach could be so dangerous and exciting!

Written at The West Sussex Writers 80th anniversary workshop with   Stephanie Norgate in Worthing on 29/7/17.