Brighton A La Cubana

In my Hanover kitchen
Smell of Cuban coffee
Taste buds alert

BBC News at 8.00 am
No BBC English
Spanish had infiltrated the airwaves
Another time
Another place
Another Hangover morning

First Che stepped down
From the 2005/2006 large square calendar
Then he sat in my yellow, black
And chrome kitchen
His huge smoldering Havana

Across the black varnished table
A young Fidel
With his brother Raul
With Camillo
Wearing his trademark wide brim hat
Each blowing perfect smoking rings
To each other
Polluting my airspace

Strains of
Jose Marti's 'Quantanamo'
Filled my aromatic airwaves
From my Roberts radio.
'Yo soy un hombre sincero????..'

Sincerity was the theme
Of that memorable historic day
In my Hanover kitchen
At 8.00 a.m.


Lewes Literary Festival.  Magic Realism Workshop. Oct 2005.

Spoken Word Reading