Bliss is rocking back and forth in a colourful swing
Bliss is listening to Cuban ‘Commandante’
Bliss is gazing at the dazzling white Mosque in the sunshine
Sipping detox chilled fruit and vegetable juice

Bliss is watching kediler slinking by
ginger, black and white, tortoise and tekir
Bliss is Kedilandia

Bliss is seeing clear blue skies
contrasted with sparkling white architecture
reflecting bright light
Bliss is sunshine and warmth

Bliss is smelling the aroma of Jasmin in a bahçe
touching pink begonvıl
plucking flowers for my hair

Bliss is savouring tasty aromatic Ottoman dishes
listening to strains of Kabak Kamane

Bliss is The Turquoise Coast
Sea Turtles, boats and islands
Never ending horizons
The clear clean rippling turquoise Mediterranean 

Stretching to Sunken Kekova and the blue beyond

Bliss is Ottoman
Bliss is Constantinople
Bliss is Salonika
Bliss is ancient civilisations
Bliss is The Lycian Way

Bliss is colourful quality textures and textiles from
Anatolia and the East

Black Sea

Bliss is returning
to magical Turkey

Written in the Atlantis Juice Bar, Kalkan, Turkey on 12.6.18.