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5 Hamston House, London W8

A Business Proposal of Marriage

A Chilean Summer Interlude

A hot and spicy evening

A Life Threatening Experience

A Name is a Name is a Name



Black on White 

Body Temperature

Carmen and Elliot

Caerleon - Ffwrwm


Declan Mulholland

Dialogue at Lourdes Hospital, Liverpool

Doug and Anita



Elephant and Avocados

Ellams Duplicators

Embracing the twilight years

Epiphany under the bridge


Feel the fear and do it anyway

Finding Renewed Zest For Life

First Boyfriend - John Gorman

First night in Brazil

Flight of the Condor

Fortnum and Mason

Hello Dolly


Hilton Tales #1

Hilton Tales #2

Hilton Tales #3

Hilton Tales #4



Kinky Bee

La Tour Philippe #1

La Tour Philippe #2

Leaping Flames

Lenny and Merlin


Little Robert

Liverpool Memories #1

Liverpool Memories #2

Liverpool Memories #3

Los ochos

Lyall Watson - Woodstock Art Gallery

Mad Collectors #1

Mad Collectors #2

Mad Collectors #3

Mad Collectors #4

Mad Collectors #5

Mad Collectors #6

Mad Collectors #7

Mad Dealers #1

Mad Dealers #2

Mad Dealers #3

Mad Dealers #4

Mad Dealers #5

Mad Dealers #6

Magic Lanterns and Lancias

Manhattan Synchronicity

Mario Cohen of Brital

Meetings with Strangers #1

Meetings with Strangers #2

Meetings with Strangers #3

Meetings with Strangers #4

Miss Young

Money Episodes in Brazil

My Fair Lady

My Magical Life


Neko, my Habibi

Nerve Endings at the Dentists

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover #1

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover #2

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover #3

Our Man in Havana

Paris People #1

Paris People #2

Paris People #3

Racial Encounter

Raffles Hotel


Reading Gaol

Renewal - The Phoenix has risen from the ashes

Ringo the Clochard

Rome-Parioli 1967

San Francisco 1975 - Part I

San Francisco 1975 - Part II

Sebastian and Olga

Selbsdarstellung - Otto Muehl

Sex for One!

Sleepless in Granada

Synchronicity in Vilnius #1

Synchronicity in Vilnius #2

Tango and Rhumba

Tea Totem in Paris

Thank God for 999 #1

Thank God for 999 #2

The Balkan Calendar

The Best Funeral Ever

The Blind of Geneva

The Cat Lady of The East Village, New York

The Cat Lady of London NW6

The Cat Lady of Orgiva

The Colour Blue

The Coptic Touch

The Dark Chocolate Mouse

The Fagin Burglar of Swiss Cottage

The Gasworks

The happiest moment of my life

The Holy Spirit

The Lady in Red

The Lady of the Woods

The Last Supper

The Liverpool Bridal Suite

The Living statue

The man who never was

The Polish Experience #1

The Polish Experience #2

The Polish Experience #3

The Ouija Board

The Outsider

The She Man of Camden Passage

The stranger on the train

To be or not to be?

Touched in Paris

Tu and Vous

Tutus in Paris

Uncle Bill the Dowser

Virgin Condoms with Love

Willy's Story #1

Willy's Story #2

Yati Oxi - Why Not? 

Yes we have no bananas today


Creative Writing and Articles


Jilliana Ranicar-Breese has Created a

Writing Group for Women

Discover more about yourself through autobiographical writing.  Join our writing group in Brighton or elsewhere in Europe.   It is also an autobiography-memoir workshop.

Self-therapy, through writing about yourself, can help you to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The purpose of these workshops is to encourage the writing of brief nostalgic memories (vignettes) from your life. These can be used later for the creation of a memoir or an autobiography. These memories can be shared with your loved ones and friends. 

By writing about your life experiences, you will learn about your own development over the decades.  Remember, that even though you may not realize it, you have a story to tell. We all do.

These workshops are suitable for all levels and abilities. You can join even if you have never written anything before.  After writing together within the group, a form of writing therapy seems to emerge. The whole process is distinctly therapeutic and inspirational when shared with the rest of the group in a confidential and stimulating environment.

You will get to know the other group members as a result of their writing and what is revealed.  The benefit of the writing-to-heal process is sharing your work with others. Writing is healing! After all the most fascinating person in your life is You!

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, who has been involved in Creative Writing and Autobiography since 1998, leads the group as Facilitator.

She has studied with Sue Townsend, Helen Dunmore, Nell Dunn, Allegra Taylor, Lynne Hackles, Miriam Hastings, Alison Lurie, Rosie Jackson and Diane Samuels. She has attended workshops at Ruskin College, Oxford, Birbeck College, University of London, The Skyros Centre, Skyros, Greece, Cortijo Romero, Orgiva, Andalusia, Spain, the annual writing convention at Caerleon (University of Newport, South Wales) and the University of Third Age, Spain.

She facilitated a BME (Black minority ethnic) group called WOVEN (Women of a very enterprising nature) in Brighton with women writing their life experiences as a Wellbeing Therapy under the umbrella of Mental Health.

The groups, which are limited to eight people, meet in a Regency flat in Brighton, overlooking a small magical private park. In the summertime, workshops can be on the lawn in a tranquil setting with more writers.

Jilliana will give reflective triggers, guidance and themed suggestions covering such areas as family background and heritage, childhood, school, home life, coming of age, work and careers, romance and relationships, travels, marriage, children, loss, friendship, second coming-of-age, beliefs, life experiences and personal development.

From writing about your life, you can often surprise yourself and learn more about what creates your personality and what makes you the unique person you are.  Free up your memories in a supportive and friendly environment with like-minded enthusiastic writers. You are the author of your life.

Jilliana is available in the UK or abroad to give her unique workshops to adult educational colleges, universities where there are Life writing courses, cruises, women's groups/institutes, holiday writing courses at home or abroad, conferences, conventions, International Women's Day, retreat centres, educational institutions, Jewish and Mediterranean/ethnic communities where workshops can be in English, French and Italian.

Jilliana speaks and understands French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and basic conversational Greek. Languages and world culture are her passion. She has traveled extensively and is a retired TEFL teacher, qualified at International House, London.(1974). She has worked in the tourist industry as a Travel Consultant (Global).  She has been involved with the history of graphic design, editing, proof reading and  publishing. She was in the world of international antique collectables for thirty years.

She founded and created The Retrograph Archive in Notting Hill, London in 1984 and managed and curated the archive and its photo library for twenty years involving picture research and presentations.  The original archive was sold to a museum in London several years ago. Images can be seen today at http://www.retrograph.com/

She was a meet and greet volunteer at Eurotas2014 in Crete, an annual Transpersonal Psychology Conference.

Jilliana was a volunteer TEFL teacher in Madrid for the Vaughan English Language immersion programme in 2016.   

Jilliana's vignettes are broadcast on Fridays at noon on 'Your voice matters' Brighton and Hove Community Radio, UK.  She is occasionally a guest on Euro-Mernet radio on Thursdays.  Go to 'Radio' on the toolbar where you will find recordings and videos.

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese's Vox Pops, interviews and some of her public readings are now on You Tube.

Member of West Sussex Writers
New Writing South, Brighton 

Jilliana's profile is on Linkedin under Jilliana Ranicar-Breese  

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